Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The romance.

My bloggie turns to be dust again, please forgive me blog readers ;)
Its kinda simple life i'm havin' now with the sista and buddies.The CNY of 2011 will be end the next day of today. As you know, the Valentine Day has been over last two days =D How are you guys celebrated for that special and meaningful day huh ?

I celebrated my valentine with mua three bestie sista, planned to the FullHouse for our night. Unfortunately, it has been fulled and there's a lots of couples around us ;( You know what, i am so jealoussss ! Rawwwkkkkssss !
Imma single ladies, so what ? ;( But im still that happy *peace*
So, we choose the QQ steamboat to had our meal there. After that, we headed to Pure Bar for the V's night. I met him once again, but i doesn't look at him this time. I did it and i feel greatful to do that for the end of story between me and him.
Hey boy, we shouldn't say Hi anymore ! =D

I promised myself that, I must be strong like what i want for my life. Hope to be the lucky one, met a lovely one in my life and must be confirm that he is worth to love <3

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