Sunday, December 19, 2010

say Hi ;)

My bloggie becomes dust already. So sorry bout it, imma quite lazy sometimes. Opppss ! How can i say so ? Ewww, relax.

The pictures of last week, the day we went Genting.
Remember ?

The Siao Micol' leg and mine ;D
I feel good actually, you may try too !
No lies, 100% thumbs up.
The starbucks and Dunhill Menthol.

After that, headed to my home and mahjong.
Both of us again !

I remember this day, 17th of December 2010
Mandy Tan accompanied me to buy books which is for next year, then headed to Jusco for lunch.
As usual, Johnny'R is our choices =D

Tomyam Seafood !

ManDy Tan ordered this everytime, i don't get what she so in loves with this actually. LOL !

She pulled me to see this, i agreed for only because the cutie 小小彬

Ouch ! So cute -.-
I remembered what he said in the movie.
The funniest part i ever seen but only the few mins, sucks !
Slept after his pretty good shows.

Alright, 2011 is coming soon. I'm wondering hows my life on next year. Hmm, a lots of questions in my mind. Enough for me to play around, is time to serious on studies. Sigh, good luck for me since 23th will get my PMR's result (;

Rock the Pavillion with the Siao(s) !

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