Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The romance.

My bloggie turns to be dust again, please forgive me blog readers ;)
Its kinda simple life i'm havin' now with the sista and buddies.The CNY of 2011 will be end the next day of today. As you know, the Valentine Day has been over last two days =D How are you guys celebrated for that special and meaningful day huh ?

I celebrated my valentine with mua three bestie sista, planned to the FullHouse for our night. Unfortunately, it has been fulled and there's a lots of couples around us ;( You know what, i am so jealoussss ! Rawwwkkkkssss !
Imma single ladies, so what ? ;( But im still that happy *peace*
So, we choose the QQ steamboat to had our meal there. After that, we headed to Pure Bar for the V's night. I met him once again, but i doesn't look at him this time. I did it and i feel greatful to do that for the end of story between me and him.
Hey boy, we shouldn't say Hi anymore ! =D

I promised myself that, I must be strong like what i want for my life. Hope to be the lucky one, met a lovely one in my life and must be confirm that he is worth to love <3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

新年快乐 !

想不到, 这么快就要新年了呢
你们都买完过年衣了吗 ? 我本身就买了好多, 可是还想再买
新年快乐 ! <3

很不幸的, 前2天遇上了车祸
我们都受伤了 (;
我希望我的伤口会赶快好回 =)

我很想念那一位他 (;
虽然认识不久, 可是总觉得他非常的特别
他被人甩了好多次; 伤透了
因为是她们不珍惜你 !
该怎么办 ?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shop Shop !

19th of January 2011

The day we rock at OneU !
Woke up pretty late, high tea with Isabel and D'Jacq at Kluang Station while waiting for the Baby Micol.
Reached the place at 5something, and started shop for my high heel.
Choose by Baby Micol and D'Jacq.
The gorgeous high heel from Nose. *wink*

And then, to BurgeKing to had our meal and chit-chat
I love the way we are always.

Rush back to B'Yoanne's home and headed to HongLok
There's nothing much to shop since there's billions people there (;
12am home sweet home.

20th of January 2011

Went to Brem Mall with QiaoYee and Kee.
Its such a bored place there, faster run since its just wasting my time-.-
Back to Metro to search some boutique, its just make me disappointed !
Then, to D'Jacq's home and wait for Blood to fetch
Headed to OldTown for high tea and to Tesco for shop !
Luckily, i shops some beautiful clothes <3

After that, back to DPC and tea again.
Its started raining, so back to D'Jacq's home.
The night, went to night market and tea.
Back home earlier today ;)

22th of January 2011

Went to OneU again with my mama and cousin.
Then, they dropped me at D'Jacq's home and headed to Times Square.
We shopped a lots, im lovin' it !
Night, to Alor street for celebrated Fuwei's birthday ;)
6am reach D'Jacq's home and sleep

23th of January 2011

Woke up at 4 in the evening, oh mama !
went to night market and Jusco for a walk.
Simple day i had !

Saturday, January 15, 2011


现在的心情, 真的不知如何说出来.

老实说, 我真的很想念他
他可以抛弃我而和我姐妹一起, 就因为她有样子?
我彻底失望 !

静静的想, 我人生一点也比不上任何人
因 我的世界根本一点彩色也看不见
虽然我害怕; 可惜我还能怎样 ?
而我 必须撑多久 ?

在我每次突然哭的时候, 她们会抱着我
一千句谢谢也不够, 我真的很谢谢
姐妹, 你们很好. ;)

我追不上你们, 我无法真正参入色彩的生活
害怕没了你们; 不知道我的天几时才会成为晴天
答应我 不要忘了我.

因 我再次哭了; 为他又哭了一次


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very long post

好久没见了朋友 !
Jacqueen Tan 吹我赶快更新呢
不好意思, 最近都忙着上课无法回来
我知错了 (;

圣诞节, New year eve也过得好开心
2011年真的有好长的路必须等着我走啊, 我也16岁了
我姐妹们部落已写了我们的路程是怎么样了; 我不知该些什么了

这一天, 9th of January 2011
那一天的前一晚, 我都在喝酒
我整身都无力; 喊救命 !

未出门 * chiii-chaaakk ~!

别误会了, 他不是我什么男友
我们就像兄妹一样 =)

我的八岁半 <3>

第一站, 火车路 !
虽然我被太阳折磨 (;

第二站, FullHouse !

Baby, ily !

One, two, THREE !

第三站也是最后的一站, Dataran Merdeka

顺利完成一日游; 我很满足 !
也没错, 一到家就马上睡到第二天
醒来还觉得很累 (;

我就说嘛, 人生的精彩都是有他们才是叫完美的.

I don't care who you are, its non of my business as well.
You loves to take away; so i'll just let it to you
You wouldn't be my friend anymore because you've no qualification.
Don't try to challenge us, public girl. =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


很快的, 又要和2010年说再见了呢.
明天就是冬至快乐, 有的享受汤圆的一天!
好高兴的说; YEAH !

说得没错, 这一个月真的好多特别的节目可以庆祝.
在这一年, 我才发现好多回忆未曾回头想一想.
原来我都很多回忆是后悔, 遗憾的.
生活里除了玩乐; 我根本没认真的去做一件事

过了这一年, 我就进入16岁的世界了.
说老不老, 说年轻不年轻的
是时候为自己的未来着想, 真的是时候了呢.
虽然2天后, 我就得拿PMR成绩
我, 后悔了.

我打算明年去学化妆, 这就是我的兴趣
半读半学一点也不容易可是为了未来, 我相信我可以的.
PMR, 我不敢想像成绩的结果
SPM, 我不想也一样遗憾.

对了, 你们明天要吃多多汤圆哦 !
记得要和我享受照片 =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

say Hi ;)

My bloggie becomes dust already. So sorry bout it, imma quite lazy sometimes. Opppss ! How can i say so ? Ewww, relax.

The pictures of last week, the day we went Genting.
Remember ?

The Siao Micol' leg and mine ;D
I feel good actually, you may try too !
No lies, 100% thumbs up.
The starbucks and Dunhill Menthol.

After that, headed to my home and mahjong.
Both of us again !

I remember this day, 17th of December 2010
Mandy Tan accompanied me to buy books which is for next year, then headed to Jusco for lunch.
As usual, Johnny'R is our choices =D

Tomyam Seafood !

ManDy Tan ordered this everytime, i don't get what she so in loves with this actually. LOL !

She pulled me to see this, i agreed for only because the cutie 小小彬

Ouch ! So cute -.-
I remembered what he said in the movie.
The funniest part i ever seen but only the few mins, sucks !
Slept after his pretty good shows.

Alright, 2011 is coming soon. I'm wondering hows my life on next year. Hmm, a lots of questions in my mind. Enough for me to play around, is time to serious on studies. Sigh, good luck for me since 23th will get my PMR's result (;

Rock the Pavillion with the Siao(s) !